Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's Up?!

Hey All!!

I've been getting all the begging e-mails and comments to post... I want to say sorry for not getting the next chapter up but A LOT of things have been going on with me, which has put me on a writing break for the time being.  I had a week long headache that ended up turning into shingles!! What a painful and ridiculous mess it is.

I am actually leaving to head north tomorrow, where I plan to keep relaxing and sleeping a lot.  However, I also plan on doing some writing, which will in turn help me stock up some chapters and have a lot to post when I get back (cause I don't have internet up there).

So please be patient and keep checking... I should have stuff posted by no later than the middle of next week!!

Did anyone see the tweet of Alex and his new girlfriend??? I couldn't help but laugh and smile... this guy makes it just too easy to write about him. Love it!!



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