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I've been getting all the begging e-mails and comments to post... I want to say sorry for not getting the next chapter up but A LOT of things have been going on with me, which has put me on a writing break for the time being.  I had a week long headache that ended up turning into shingles!! What a painful and ridiculous mess it is.

I am actually leaving to head north tomorrow, where I plan to keep relaxing and sleeping a lot.  However, I also plan on doing some writing, which will in turn help me stock up some chapters and have a lot to post when I get back (cause I don't have internet up there).

So please be patient and keep checking... I should have stuff posted by no later than the middle of next week!!

Did anyone see the tweet of Alex and his new girlfriend??? I couldn't help but laugh and smile... this guy makes it just too easy to write about him. Love it!!



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Chapter Fifteen

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...this is a short one

Ch. 15

I got a text from Alex around lunch time on Wednesday.

Alex: See you when I get back from road trip.

I looked at it and furrowed my brows.  Road trip?  How did I not know he was leaving for a road trip today?! Ugh. I really needed to at least look at the schedule so I knew what was going on.  I was slightly bummed knowing that I wouldn’t be seeing him for at least a few days, but it was probably a good thing.  I was becoming aware of the direct correlation between the time spent with Alex and how quickly I was falling for him; so some time apart was probably just what the doctor would order for someone who didn’t want things to stay in hyper drive.

Wednesday afternoon, Faith came dancing into the shop with a garment bag in hand.

“Do you want to see my costume for the Halloween Party?!” she asked, yet not really giving me time to say yes or no before pulling the zipper down on the bag, revealing a short, gold sequined dress with a plunging neckline.  Hanging from the hanger was a bag with what looked to be dark hair inside.

“What the hell are you going to be?” I squinted as the lights reflected some terrible glare off of the gold mirror ball of a dress.

“Snookie!” she said proudly!  John is going to be The Situtation!” she squeaked.  “Get it, he’s from Jersey?!”

“He is?”



“What are you and Alex going as?”

“Going where?”

“Didn’t he ask you to the team Halloween Party?  It’s on Sunday night…he should have said something so you could get a costume soon!”

“He said nothing about a Halloween Party,” I said slowly.  “In fact, he said nothing about the road-trip until he texted me this afternoon.”

A confused look covered Faith’s face and we both stood there staring at each other for a minute, both obviously miffed.  “Well, maybe he’ll say something when he calls you tonight,” she said in a lesser enthusiastic tone, telling me that she was thinking things that probably weren’t so positive at the moment.

“Maybe,” I shrugged and forced a half smile.  “So you and Carly?” I asked, quickly changing the subject to something that wasn’t about me.  Faith’s eyes lit up again as she nodded her head excitedly.

“Yeah, I guess so,” she smiled.  “He’s a little all over the place and slightly young, but I like the younger ones,” she winked.

“Plus, I’m sure it helps that he plays for your beloved Capitals,” I laughed.

“Just a little,” she giggled.

I never got a phone call from Alex that night, nor the next, or the next.  In fact I didn’t even get a text from him.  It’s not that I expected him to contact me, because he did say in his text that he would see me when he got back, but that didn’t stop me from becoming a little bummed about it all.  It probably didn’t help that Faith was bouncing around the house every time John texted her.

When I got home Friday night, Becky was waiting for me at the door.

“We are going out!” she announced.

I dropped my messenger bag on the floor and looked up at her with a skeptical look.  “Why?”

“We haven’t gone to see Footloose yet and I’m getting the drift that you are more than a little bummed about Alex not texting or calling you…”

“It’s not a huge deal,” I shrugged, attempting to side-step her.

“You’re lying.  I know it bothers you.  Hell, it would bother me!”

“I’m not the type to get all psycho…”

“I know you’re not.  But I also know that this is a far from normal relationship for you, or for any other girl for that matter,” she pulled me into a hug.  “Besides, that’s what Faith and I are here for; to make sure you don’t get all mellow dramatic while we wait for Alex to either tip the boat one way or the other.”

“That’s a good way to put it,” I laughed easily.  Despite the random dates or amazing bed sessions, I was still probably left more clueless than before on where it all was going.  Dwelling on it was not something I wanted to do.  “A movie sounds like a great idea,” I sighed happily. 

“Oh holy shit, I’m in for such an amazing night on Sunday!” Carly exclaimed after looking at his phone.  I went to grab for it, to see what he was looking at, but he snapped it back and waved his finger at me.  “You can’t look.  If you see the picture then you are going to know what my Halloween costume is!”

“Faith sent you a picture of herself?” Mikee asked.

“Yup!” Carly answered, dramatically clicking his IPhone dark, to show that no one was going to get a view.  It always drove the guys nuts when someone would brag but not show the goods.

“You and Lana have something figured out?” Mike inquired with his mouthful of breakfast.

“I have idea, but I don’t know if I am going to ask Lana to go or not,” I admitted, sitting back in my chair.

“Why wouldn’t you bring her?” Brooks piped up, looking at me curiously.  I swear the man could have been a human lie-detector machine if he didn’t become a hockey player.

“I don’t know if she likes things like that,” I answered, grasping for any excuse that sounded legit.  The fact of the matter was I wasn’t sure how to feel about everything that was going on between me and her.  Brooks just gave me a strange look and went back to eating his food.

Later on in the hotel room Sasha got involved.  “She is making you have feelings you are scared of,” he said simply in our native tongue.

“You’re full of shit,” I laughed at my friend.  “She’s just another girl…and a plain one at that.”

“I’ve seen you staring at your phone a couple times already since we left yesterday, but you don’t call or text her.”

“Because there is no need to,” I flopped down on my bed, stretching out.

“You’re afraid of getting attached.”

“You’re acting like you know it all,” I growled.

“I just know that the Great Sasha Ovechkin is afraid of settling down…”

“You of all people know that I want to find the right woman and have a family with her,” I said simply.

“Yes, this is true, but the right woman you always picture is Russian and Lana is not.”


“She seems sincere and sweet enough,” Semin observed in a tone that the wheels were turning in his head and that he was not agreeing with my ideas.  Sasha was always good at the mind games.

“It doesn’t matter.  I can find that in another girl.”

“Ah, but you dote on her.  She’s comforting to you.”

“She’s just been a challenge.”

“You can call it what you want,” he said before popping in his earbuds for his I-Pod.  His attitude pissed me off.  Everything I said, he had to come back with a counter-remark.

My frustrations continued to mount with our game in Edmonton.  We took our first loss of the season.  It shouldn’t have felt like the end of the world, but I felt like it was just the tip of a growing ice-burg.  Once again, Bruce and I were at odds and the tension was beginning to fester inside of me.  Add-in the fact that there were no text messages from Lana, I pushed back a thought of disappointment and as soon as we hit Vancouver.  I’m not even sure why I would have expected anything from her to begin with, but with the mood I was in, I was looking for any excuse to be pissed off.

“You’re in a foul mood,” Sasha commented as soon as we got into our Vancouver hotel room.

“I just need to get out,” I said, shrugging on a t-shirt and throwing on my leather coat.  “You can come along, or you can stay.”

At that, there was a knock at the door.  When I opened it, Mikee and Carly were standing there.  “Let’s hit the Roxy!” Mike grinned.

Whatever we found at the hockey whore house, I had already decided I was going to fuck the shit out of.  Tonight, I didn’t want a challenge.  I wanted something easy and at a place like that, it wasn’t hard to find.  Within 20 minutes, I had two girls on my arms and about and hour later I was fucking both of them.  This was my life.  Being treated like a superstar and getting easy ass.

By 4am I was back in my own hotel room and catching a few hours of shut-eye before practice. 

The disaster of a road-trip only got worse.  Saturday night in Vancouver, I scored 2 goals and we still fucking lost. 

I was ready to get back to DC and get things back to normal.  Single. 

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Chapter Fourteen

Monday was pure hell at the shop.  Thankfully my mom heard my complaints the other day about not having someone to at least run the register because at 6am, she was walking in the door and putting on a smock.

“Mom?!” I exclaimed happily.

“I took a couple days off…” she smiled breathlessly when I pulled her into a tight hug.

“You are the best!  You don’t know how much this means to me…”

“It just means you are in charge of making all the bake goods for Thanksgiving and Christmas,” she laughed.

Unlike my other helper from Friday night, this one knew how to use a register and wasn’t giving out things for free.  However, it seemed word had gotten out over the weekend that Alex had been here because my customers practically doubled from my normal Monday morning rush.  Mom and I were tripping over each other and I found myself tired of answering questions on if Alex was going to come back to the shop and if this time I could advertise before hand.

I was explaining for the 100th time that it wasn’t planned when the man in question cut in and began speaking with the mesmerized fan.  Before I knew it, Alex, Semin and Carly were surrounded by a crowd, happily signing autographs for them.

“Is that the hockey player they keep asking about?” my mom asked curiously while we watched the frenzy.

“Yup.  Alex Ovechkin, Alex Semin and John Carlson,” I informed her, pointing out each guy.  John was finally able to break free from the group and happily bounced over to the counter.

“Hey Lana!” he greeted.  “We just got done practice…”

“Ya’ll know each other?” My mom suddenly asked.

I laughed as John looked over at her and then back at me. 

“Is this your mom?!”

I nodded, still laughing.  “This is my Mom, Julie.  Mom, this is John…”

“You’re daughter makes the best baked goods ever!” John exclaimed, shaking her hand wildly.  “Plus she’s a lot of fun to hang out with…”

“Why you make my girlfriend blush?” Alex cut in, making me jump when he surprised me by putting an arm around my waist and pulling me towards him.  I hadn’t even noticed he had come around to the back of the counter.  Before I could even say anything, he kissed me fully on the lips and I could have sworn I heard a few phone cameras clicking.

When I turned back around, my mom’s eyes were as large as saucers and I knew I was going to have more than a little explaining to do.  Lucky for me, Alex laid on the charm and soon had my mom inviting him over for a family dinner in the near future.  Of course once Carly heard something about home-cooked food, he was also inviting himself along.  I lost it at this point and excused myself into the kitchen so that I could check on some cinnamon rolls that were baking.  A few moments later, Alex was walking through the door, by himself.

I closed the oven door right before he scooped me up into his arms and kissed me again.  “Little Lana…”

“Thanks for announcing my new relationship status to my mom,” I grimaced playfully. 

“I figure she would be scary since she’s in the military, but I find she is you.  Or I guess that would be the other way around,” he laughed.

I shook my head at his words.  “Yes, I’m her…So what brings you here besides getting my customers all in a frenzy?”

“I want to take you out tonight…”

“I am exhausted and it’s only 1pm,” I sighed.

“Just dinner,” he said smoothly, removing my hat and kissing my forehead.

The heat of his body was a vivid reminder of yesterday, which made me physically unable to say no to him.  “Fine…what time and where?”

“I pick you up at 6pm,” he said with a cocky smile before dropping his arms from me, winking at me and walking back out the door, leaving me with my heart beating a hundred times a minute.

I showed up at her place right at 6pm.  Before I could even ring the doorbell, she was walking out the front door.  She was in a pair of boot-cut jeans with black boots, a dark grey knit sweater with an oversized collar and her hair was pulled back in a straightened pony-tail.  She looked chic and ready for a night out on the town.  Her smile lit-up her face when she saw me.  I couldn’t help but think that maybe this could be more than what I had with my other past girlfriends.  However, I was quick to push the idea from my head.  I would never allow myself to become too attached.  Lana was more like an escape from reality for me.

“Hi!” she smiled happily, despite looking really tired from her day at work.

“Hi,” I smiled back, immediately wrapping my arms around her so that I could breathe in her scent that was becoming so familiar to me.

We climbed into the car and off we went to the Russian House, one of my favorite restaurants off of Connecticut Ave in DC.  After handing over the keys to valet, we walked over towards the private entrance.

“You come here often?” she giggled, obviously finding it funny that I didn’t even bother with the main entrance.

“All the time,” I admitted.  “They make the food taste like it does at home.”

“Do you miss home?”

“Dah.  Summers never seem long enough.”

She nodded understandingly and smiled softly.

A few moments later I was sitting next to her at the private table and explaining each dish to her while pronouncing it the way we did back in my homeland.  When the waitress came to take our orders, Lana recited her order, trying her hardest to pronounce the names with the pronunciation I had just taught her.  I lost it when she botched saying Zapechionaya Baranina.

“No laughing at me,” she bumped me with her shoulder.  I’m trying…”

“A southern-accent attempting to speak Russian is easy grounds for laughing,” I laughed even harder.

She rolled her eyes, crossed her arms in front of her chest and fake pouted before also laughing.   The dinner went by quickly and despite my protests, I ended up having to take her home afterwards.

“I really had a nice time tonight, but I’m exhausted and tomorrow is probably only going to be worse for me,” Lana sighed.

I leaned across the console and wagged my finger for her to come closer so that I could whisper into her ear.  She obliged and I growled, “Ya hochu tebya.” (I want you.)  I felt her shiver, despite having no clue what I said.  I took advantage of the moment and began kissing her.  After a few small pecks, our tongues were tangled my hands were firmly cupping her breasts, garnering a few moans from her mouth.

Suddenly she pulled back and panted, “Goodnight Alex,” and got out of the car, bolting for the door.  I dropped my head back against the head-rest of the seat and groaned. 

I didn’t want to rush this.  In fact the more I thought about everything, the more I found myself second guessing my decision to have sex with him yesterday.  For lack of better terms, I was regretting it, for the simple fact that I felt like we were now pushed that much farther into a relationship that still didn’t seem to have any real path planned out.

My mom asked me a ton of questions about Alex and sadly, I didn’t have many answers for her.  It was a grim reminder to me that I made love to a man who didn’t even know my birthday and here we were, supposedly boyfriend and girlfriend. 

Tuesday night, Alex showed up on my doorstep without a phone call or even a text message.  I was down-stairs watching reruns of Cake Boss when I heard the door open and heavy footsteps descend down the carpeted steps.

“Is this your idea of fun?” Alex’s humored accent filled my room.  He was in a pair of light stone-washed jeans that hugged his thighs, a tight red t-shirt, his red-white-and-blue beanie and a pair of flip-flops.  I was learning quickly that his sense of style was sometimes off the wall.  However, it was the clothing choices that made him Alex.

I clambered up against the pillows on my bed and covered myself with a throw-blanket.  It was already 9:30pm and I was technically ready for bed, so I was in just a ratty t-shirt and a pair of boy-short panties.  In no way did I feel like I was dressed for company.  “How did you get in here?” I asked, unnerved by having him in my bedroom.

“I walked in,” he shot me his toothless smile.

“Oh,” I said slowly.

“Faith let me in…” he said slowly.  “Are you mad I am here?”

“No, I just wasn’t expecting you…” I said quickly, feeling bad for making him think that I was angry.  “I’m sorry, I am just surprised you are here…it’s been a long day,” I sighed.

A smile lit up his face once more.  He sauntered his way over to my bed and flopped down next to me before leaning in to kiss me hungrily.  “I was going to ask you to go out with me tonight, but I think I like this idea better,” he growled, threading his fingers in my hair.

Before he could lean back in and kiss me again, I pulled back and put my hand on his hard chest.  “Alex, I have some concerns…”

He smiled and pushed against my hands.  “I think you already know I make sure you feel good too,” he laughed easily.

I laughed nervously and shook my head.  “No, that is not one of my concerns…”

“What is it, my Little Lana?”

I took a breath and let it out.  “I-I don’t want to rush this.  I’m not that kind of girl…”

“I don’t think we are rushing it,” he said in a matter of fact tone before laying kisses on my ear and down my neck.  “We are having fun, no?”

I squirmed away again from him, this time just sliding off the bed and standing-up.  “Alex,” I said firmly to get his full attention.  He looked at me, his eyes looking at my face for just a short moment before they swept down, surveying my body.  I took a few steps backwards and crossed my arms over my chest, suddenly feeling really insecure.

“Don’t cover yourself up, Lana.  You’re beautiful,” he said quietly, crawling across the bed like he was getting ready to pounce me.

“Alex, I don’t want to sound like some psychotic chick that needs you to propose marriage to me, but I-I just think that we need to be on the same track here if this is going to progress.”

He was now up and off the bed, kicking off his flip-flops and removing his beanie.  I was totally not getting through to him, but the look on his face was causing a familiar burn between my legs.  “We were on the same track on Sunday,” he informed me, licking his lips.

“No, ya aren’t understanding me,” I quickly moved, wishing my room was bigger so that I could get more space between us.  “I don’t know even know that much about you…”

“What do you want to know,” he asked, taking a long stride.

I backed up, only to find myself against the wall.  “W-Well, for one, what other interests do you have besides hockey?” I stammered, trying my hardest to keep my cool because he was now pulling his shirt over-his head.

“Fast cars and women,” he chuckled.  “You?”

“Um…I like cooking shows, books, and spending time with my friends,” I said quickly, trying to control my now elevated respirations.

“Anything else?” he asked, placing his palms against the wall, on either side of my head.

“When is your birthday?” I whispered because that was all the louder my body was allowing my voice to get.

“September 17th…I just turned 26.  You?”

“January 2nd, I turn 26.”

“Now I ask you a question,” he said, breathing hotly into my ear.


“Is Mr. Hippo going to have an issue if we have sex in your bed tonight?”

I laughed loudly and suddenly I didn’t care that I didn’t have all the answers to my mom’s questions.  Instead I figured I’d just learn them as we went along.

Tonight was my last night in DC several days.  We were leaving tomorrow for Edmonton.  After not getting her in my bed last night, I figured the only way I was getting her tonight, was to just show up at her house.  It probably would have been easier to just go out with the guys and pick-up a girl, but I wanted Lana.  Never mind the fact that the last time I had slept with a girl more than once was this past summer with my last real girlfriend.  Never mind the fact that I knew this would not go much farther for the simple fact that I didn’t date American girls.  It was as if she was a comfort food.  I already knew I was going to enjoy the sex.  There was no unknown and that was what I needed tonight. 

Stuff was beginning to get a little crazy at the rink.  Boudreau and I were butting heads and despite my small scoring outburst in Philly; I was still not happy with my role on the ice.  Boudreau and I had an argument this afternoon and because of it, I was already dreading the road-trip.  Fucking Lana was my way of forgetting it all for a while.

“Alex…” she whined as I pressed her body up against the wall with mine.  She wrapped her arms around me, her hands flattened on my back.

“Milaya…” I breathed into her neck.  “I think of you all night last night…”

“Me too,” she whispered, gently kissing my cheek.  As much as I wanted to just fuck her hard like I do with so many of the other girls, Lana’s gentle sweetness made it nearly impossible.  In fact, the look in her eyes made it almost unfeasible to ignore that I might actually have more feelings for her than I was ever going to admit to myself.

I scooped her up, cupping her ass, and held her up against the wall.  I tugged on her shirt collar with my teeth.  She reached down and pulled it off, dropping it onto the floor behind me.  Before it even hit the floor, my face was buried between her full-breasts.  I took a one of her left nipple into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it until it hardened.  When I went for the other one, Lana’s hands were in my hair and she was whining quietly.  Pressing her harder against the wall, I was able to drop a hand down to palm her cleft.  The wetness was already seeping through her sexy boy-shorts.  I groaned.  “Fuck, Lana.”

“Alex…” she cried quietly as I slipped a finger under her panties to run it up and down her slit.  When I pushed it inside, I looked up at her just in time to see her eyes roll back into her head.  That look right there made me carry her over to the bed and drop her onto it.  I quickly dropped my pants, pulled her out of her panties and pulled her legs up onto my shoulders, burying myself in her before she could even take a breath.

I woke-up at 4:30am, wrapped around his warm body.  I looked at him sleeping peacefully, with a faint smile on his lips.  When I went to get up, his arms tightened around me for a brief moment.  “I need to get to the shop,” I whispered, placing a small kiss on his lips.

“Mmm,” he moaned.  “I call you later.”

“Okay,” I smiled at him.  “Thank you for the amazing night,” I murmured truthfully. 

His comment last night about being interested in fast cars and women should have been a big enough warning flag for me to steer clear from him, but it was already too late, I was falling hard.

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Chapter Thirteen

Alright... lots of props to give before I let you get to this chapter.
1st - to Antonia (our resident Russian!!) for her help in this chapter... she gave me the dirty Russian words that I feel are necessary when writing any sex scene that Ovie is in (not that I have ever written one before and never thought I would be writing one, but here we are. LOL)

2nd - to my bestie, K, for her always helpful editing and being my bounce-board throughout this story thus far. In a few chapters, she gracing us with her awesome dirty mind by guest writing...

3rd - fangirl1999... you've been an awesome help with all your crazy links. Danke!

Sorry it's been a little in between chapters... the story has taken a back seat to school and I allowed myself to write today since I passed my testing yesterday (I am now allowed to start IV's and push medications!! We're moving up in the world and quickly!!)

okay... enuff of my rambling... sex... with Ovie. Yeah. it was bound to happen. just look at the pretty pictures I have already posted on here and it will be alright.

Ch. 13

“Is this table sturdy enough?” Lana fretted as I set her naked ass onto the dining room table.  I’m fairly sure she was less worried about the durability of the table than she was by the fact that I was getting my way with her.  Part of me told me not to push it with her, but I am so used to getting my way that I couldn’t help myself.

“It’s Oak, Lana…” I chuckled before threading my fingers through her thick mane and pulling her head back so that I could kiss her beautiful neck.  I was situated between her American thighs, allowing her to easily wrap them around my waist and pull me into her.  No, she was not stick thin, but as I had suspected, she was beautifully toned.  Her body reminded me of my own; it was never designed to be stick thin. 

She moaned when I tugged harder on her hair and worked my way down to one of her breasts.  Her movements and noises, told me she hadn’t been touched in a while.  It was as if I was getting a virgin, but one who knew what to do.  She was submissive and was all for letting me do all the work, which was the way I wanted it.  I slid my hand down between her legs and ran my index finger up her silky, wet folds.  “Have you been this wet since you got here?” I chuckled into her neck, making her shiver.

“It doesn’t make it easy to keep even-keeled with you walking around me like that all morning,” she growled.

I smiled and kissed her hard before hitting my knees to bury my face between her thighs, drinking the sweetness from her.  She tasted as good as the breakfast we had made earlier.  I pulled back and growled, “Tvoya pizda vkus maliny…”  She had no clue I just said that her pussy tasted like raspberries, but like every other American woman I had been with, she seemed to be turned on even more when I spoke to her in my native tongue.  The sounds of her moans and mews echoed off my dining room walls.  This was all a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.  Lana put up a good fight, but I was finally getting my way.  Maybe it’s the fight that kept me going after her.  But like the rest of them, she has given in.

After she came the second time, her hands slipped down between my face and her mound and she was pleading for me to stop.  “Alex, I can’t handle any more of that right now,” she panted.

“Am I too good?” I asked, prompting her to tell me what I already knew.

“You’re fucking amazing…” she breathed.

I grinned to myself and handed her the foil wrapped condom.  Usually, I am more about foreplay, but this whole weekend had been foreplay and I wanted to be inside of her.

His kisses in the kitchen put me in autopilot.   I barely realized he was stripping me out of my clothing.  Even though my voice of reason was screaming to say that this was not what I should be doing right now with him, the warmth building in my stomach was reminding me it had been a long time since I had felt like this. 

Something in Alex’s voice when he asked me to trust him, told me that I could.  The look in his eyes was filled with a seriousness that I had only seen two times before.  Once was at dinner the other night and the next time was when he told me I looked beautiful last night as he picked me up at my house.  I was beginning to see that Brooks might have actually been onto something when we had talked last night at the club. 

Alex had gone over to talk with Abe and a couple other friends before we left the club.  I was sipping on my drink when Brooks came over and playfully bumped into me.

“Everything okay?” he asked sincerely.

I looked over and him and smiled thankfully.  “Yea, thank you.  It’s just…ugh…a lot to absorb I guess,” I admitted shamelessly.  There was something about Brooks’ personality that made me think he would have been just as happy having a mediocre paying job in a blue collar town.  He was the exact opposite of Alex and reminded me so much of myself; making it easy to be honest despite barely knowing him.

He nodded and chuckled.  “I can imagine…it takes some time to get used to it.”

“Do you actually get used to it?” I asked curiously.

He looked back out over the crowd, blew out some air and looked back over at me.  “It’s easy to get caught up in, but for me, no, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the attention or the super-star treatment.  Now Alex, he thrives in it.  I swear the man never sleeps.  I’m fairly sure he was born to be a rock-star, but considering the man can’t carry a tune to save his life, this was the next best thing.”

I laughed out loud at this.  “So I guess you’re saying that this is probably a lost cause?”

Brooks laughed too, but shook his head.  “No Lana.  I wouldn’t say that.  You two are opposites, but I’m fairly sure the saying has always gone, ‘Opposites attract,’ right?”  I nodded and he continued.  “Alex is a man of mysteries and a child at heart.  He needs a strong woman who will understand his craziness, yet be there for him when he needs to get away from it all.  He’ll be faithful and there for the woman he falls in love with.  Know this; he’s one of the most loyal men I know.  Take it for what it’s worth,” he spoke truthfully before taking a long sip of his beer and leaving me to my thoughts.

Now I found myself naked, sprawled out on Alex’s dinning room table, digging my fingers into Alex’s back while he slowly entered me.  I must have been making a face because Alex stopped about halfway.

“Tebe bolno?” he asked in a hoarse voice, his facial expression telling me that he was enjoying the feeling of being inside me.  My confused look must have reminded him that I had no clue what he saying because soon he repeated himself, but in English.  “Lana, am I hurting you?”

I slowly shook my head back and forth and willed myself to breath.  I just needed a moment for my body to stretch to accept his large thickness.  “Just go slow,” I answered.  “It’s been a while,” I admitted, hoping I didn’t sound overly pathetic.

“You feel incredible,” he growled into my ear, causing me to gasp as he also pushed completely into me.  He stayed bottomed out in me for a moment until I started to breathe again and then set a slow pace of languid strokes to my core.  He laid kisses all over my face and neck.  On occasion he’d bite my shoulder when I would lift my hips to meet his thrust, allowing him to hit my g-spot and causing me to cry out his name.

I was just reaching the peak when he suddenly pulled out and rolled me onto my side.  He positioned himself behind me, so that we were spooning and then he pulled my free leg up so that I was semi-straddling him, giving him free reign to enter me from behind.  I had never been one for outlandish positions, mainly because I had never been one to be very daring when it came to sex.  Not being overly confident in myself most of the time, led to a very vanilla sex life.  Hell, I was already out of my comfort zone by having sex in the middle of the day on the dinning room table.

Alex on the other hand was not allowing my confidence level to hinder this first time between us.  As soon as he entered me again, I was all for the experimentation.  I thought he was going to spear straight through me, but the pain was more than pleasurable.  With one arm draped across my waist, he easily fingered my clit. The other arm was under me, supporting my head.  I blacked out when he began whispering what I could only assume to be dirty Russian words.

Finally after letting the physical pleasure fully take me over, I came, hard and he was right with me.  I was still shaking while Alex, held me against him and cooed Russian and English words.  “Milaya…Little Lana…so beautiful…” he breathed, lightly running his hands up and down the full length of my body.  It was as if he knew every way to make me turn into a wonderful wreck.  Whether I wanted to be in this position or not, Alex Ovechkin was quickly making me his biggest fan.

Keeping with my not-so-typical day off, Lana and I ended up in my bed, wrapped up in blankets, watching a movie.  Later on in the evening we ordered a pizza and watched a hockey game.  Anyone who knew me would have thought I was ill or something.  Given any chance, I was normally out and about with my guys messing with the car or just getting ourselves in trouble.  It had turned into an overcast Sunday, so doing this didn’t seem so out of place.

“So does it hurt when you get slammed into the wall?” she cringed when she watched one of the guys get thrown into the boards.  We were actually watching a KHL game out of Russia, thanks to the wonderful power of satellite TV.

I chuckled and nodded.  “Sure.  And we don’t call it the wall, it is the boards.”

“Boards?” she furrowed her brow.


“Oh.  Well, either way it looks really painful sometimes,” she continued thoughtfully.  “If that would be me getting hit, I would not be getting back up.”

“Sometime it hard to get back up,” I admitted.  “In fact I have a bruise on my arm from a hit during the last night’s game,” I pointed out.  She gingerly touched it and then kissed it softly without saying a word.  Her innocence of the game turned me on.  There were very few women I had slept with that didn’t at least understand that hockey was a rough sport.  Lana was definitely clueless to it, which made it all the more of a tender gesture.  When she went to lean back, I captured her chin with my hand and tilted it upwards to kiss her lips.  She moaned and before I knew it, I was placing the pizza box on the floor beside the bed before trapping her underneath me once again.

After a whole day of making love and lazing around, I found myself feeling more tired than I did after spending it at the busy bakery.

“Why you not just stay here tonight?” Alex pouted playfully while holding me against him.  I was fully clothed while he was just in his underwear once again.  We were standing in the foyer and I cringed when I heard the clock chime 11.  My 4:30am alarm was going to be waking me up all too soon.

“Because I have a distinct feeling you won’t let me sleep…” I laughed easily.

“Sleep is over-rated,” Alex fluffed off before using his tried and true tactic of kissing me.

After moment, I pushed back from him and made some space between us.  “Thanks for breakfast, Alex,” I giggled.  “Oh, and for dinner…”

“What about the desserts?” Alex laughed.

I bit my lip and blushed.  He knew exactly what I thought of them…  “Good night Alex.”

“Good night, Little Lana.  I call you.”

I nodded, spun around and practically ran out the door before I could change my mind and spend the night.

When I got home, it was no surprise to find Faith and Becky pretending to watch a movie.  I walked into the living room to find them both sitting like zombies, staring at the TV in an attempt to not burst out in questions.

I played along by taking a seat on the recliner and nuzzling myself into it.  Maybe a minute of silence passed before Faith threw up her arms and squeaked.  “Oh come on Lana!  You can’t tell me you think you are going to get away with spilling the details of your day with Alex!!”

I laughed loudly at my roomies.  “A lady does not speak of such things,” I spoke in a proper English accent.

Both girls scowled before standing up to march towards me.  I began speaking when their fire blazing eyes got within a foot of me.

“We made the most delicious breakfast together!  I’ll have to make it for you guys, soon!” I exclaimed.

“And what else did you make?” Becky inquired with a raised eyebrow.


“You did it with him, didn’t you?!” they both squawked in unison.

All I could do was bite my lip.

“Was it good?” Becky dropped to the floor, sitting Indian style like it was story time.

I could feel myself blushing, but all I could do was keep biting my lip and nod my head.

Faith now dropped down along side with Becky and they both looked at me dreamily.  At that point, I lost it and laughed at both of them as I threw a pillow at them.  “I’m not telling you those details.”

“So much for not falling for him…” Faith smiled.

I sighed and dropped my head backwards into the chair.  “Do you think it was wrong?”

“Did it feel wrong?” Faith asked.

I paused a moment and shook my head.  “No,” I said sounding more sure than I felt.

“Well, then that’s all that matters,” Faith smiled reassuringly as she got up on her knees and hugged me. 

That night I laid in bed, wide awake still hearing his voice in my head and feeling his fingers on my skin.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ulterior Motives...

I've been thinking of making a blog for just my one-shots and short stories for a while now and today I finally got the ambition to do so! As of right now I have one story posted... I will be posting some others as the weeks go by and I get them proof-read. Obviously this is just a space for the extra things I write which might not all be on hockey players... we shall see... click on the link, check it out and follow!! :o)

Chapter Twelve

Well, the whole studying vs writing thing has obviously become a factor in how quick I'm posting... told you it would happen!!

A little tune to go along with this chapter... guess this could be a song from Lana's point of view, but it could easily be from Alex's too. Take your pick!

Ch. 12

I found it slightly easier to get up the steps and to the front door this time around.  The only thing I was carrying was a bag of oranges and a pineapple.  Alex texted me a few minutes after hanging up to let me know that he didn’t have any OJ and asked if I could stop and pick some up.  I remembered seeing a juice machine in his cabinets when I had dug for the trays the other week, so I decided fresh juice would be perfect with whatever he was planning on making.

I rang the doorbell and soon it swung open.  Alex was standing there in just a towel wrapped around his waist, allowing his nicely toned torso to take center stage for my eyes.  He wasn’t grossly chiseled like a body builder, but he obviously worked out and had definition around muscles I was sure I never learned about in my Health classes.  A gold cross, and two #8’s with a slightly gaudy chain, hung from his neck.  His stick straight, yet unruly hair was sticking out all over the place, obviously damp from his shower.  To finish off the site was his missing tooth grin.  Probably someone, somewhere, was going to call for my head to be examined, but I would be the first to admit that I found him roguishly handsome and the smile added to the endearment of him.

“Don’t you know it’s not really kosher to answer the door in just a towel?” I chirped, making sure I kept my eyes focused on his, especially I was feeling the undeniable temptation to stare at his waist where those faint indent lines were calling my attention.

“I thought it would be more appropriate to answer like this, than just in my underwear, but if you think this is inappropriate, then I’m fine with the no towel,” he smirked before turning to walk away.  No two steps after closing the door behind me, he ripped off his towel, revealing he was in a pair of dark grey low-cutbriefs with bright blue stitching.  He dramatically draped the towel on the banister before continuing into the kitchen.  I stopped, covered my eyes and groaned.  Of course I couldn’t help but split my fingers enough to peek through them so I didn’t miss how good his ass looked while he was walking away. 

He was already bent in the fridge when I got into the kitchen.  I set the bag of fruit on the counter and when I turned around he was holding things out behind him for me to grab.  I laughed and took the eggs and milk from him.  When I turned back around he was standing right there with a box of strawberries, grinning at me.

“Yes?” I asked, still attempting to ignore the fact that he was standing there in just his skivees.

“Did you sleep well last night?”

I laughed nervously and nodded my head.  “I did.  You?”

“I didn’t.  I was too…uh, how do you say it…worked up?”

“If you wanted to stay out dancing last night, I could have gotten a ride home from someone, I’m sure…”

“No, I was ready to leave with you,” he stated before leaning in and kissing me fully on the lips.  He tasted like mint-toothpaste which mixed oddly with my own cinnamon toothpaste; add in the heat that was radiating off his almost naked body, I left out an unexpected moan.  He broke off the kiss before I passed out from the lack of oxygen and left out a cocky laugh.  It was as if he already knew the exact time I was going to be in his bed and that the time was sooner than later.

“S-s-so what is blini?” I stuttered.

“My favorite Sunday morning breakfast!” he declared excitedly.  “My mom makes the best, but I hope you can maybe help me make it just as good.”

“Oh wait! You said you were making me breakfast!  You said nothing about helping you,” I chirped.  “Besides, how can I help ya if I have no clue what we are making and have no recipe?”

He spun around, opened up one of the cabinets and pulled out a 3-ring-binder that had something written in Russian on it.  He placed it on the counter in front of me and opened up to a page somewhere in the middle of the binder.  It too was typed up all in Russian.  The only thing I could decipher was that it was a recipe.  I looked up at him and frowned.  “Ya know Alex, Russian was only offered in the school I went to in Cali when I was a freshman in High School.  I barely passed Spanish 1.”

“So you tell me you don’t know Russian?” he joked.


His eyes grew wide when I said the only word I knew in Russian and he burst into laughter.  If it was one thing I was picking up, Alex loved to laugh and have fun.  “We will have to change that…” he growled into my ear after he had shuffled behind me to grab more ingredients. 

Soon we went to work.  He would first recite the ingredients in Russian and then translate into English and I began creating my first Russian dish.  Listening to him speak in his native tongue had a sexy appeal.  Of course, Russian wasn’t as smooth sounding as French or Latin, but hearing him speak it so comfortably made me envious of him. 

It didn’t take long for me to catch on to the fact that we were actually making pancakes.  “So what makes these any different than the American version of pancakes?” I asked, pouring a teaspoon of vanilla into the homemade whip-cream he insisted I had to make to go along with the strawberry filling.

He was carefully tending to the batter he had just placed in the frying pan.  It was a large frying pan and he had filled the whole circumference of it with the batter.  “Pancakes are thick, no?”

“Well, I guess that would be the way to explain it.”

“With blini’s we make the batter thin, so the pancake is thin and workable.”

“Workable?  You mean so you are able to roll it up or something?”

“Yes.  The fruit filling will be wrapped up in the pancake then.”

“Oh,” I smiled before tasting the homemade whip cream.  Before I could turn around and ask if he wanted to try it, he was beside me, dipping his finger in and tasting it.

“Mmm,” he moaned.  I laughed until he dipped his finger in again and placed a dollop of it on the tip of my nose.  I went to move from his reach, but it was too late.  He wrapped an arm around me and licked the cream off my nose despite my protests.

I wasn’t lying; I really couldn’t sleep last night because I was too wound up.  It was not normal for me to have an awesome night with a girl and not wake-up with her in my bed.  Once again, Lana was in control, despite my best efforts of running the show.

To get her back, I had already decided to walk around the house in just my underwear.  I was comfortable with myself and this was my house, so why wouldn’t I try and get a reaction from her.  It pleased me to no end when I saw her fighting the urge to stare at my body.

She was looking pretty sexy in her own way this morning.  Her hair was still hanging damp on her shoulders; the black and white striped t-shirt accentuated her tits and her jean capri’s hugged her curves just perfect.  I smiled to myself when I noticed the color of her toe-nails were now painted bright red instead of the pale pink.  Red nail polish means only one thing in my book…

“What are you doing?!” she suddenly cried as I threw the first Bilini in the trash.

I laughed and put the frying pan back on the stove.  While pouring more batter into the pan I recited the saying my grandmother had taught me when I was little, first in Russian and then in English.  “The first blin is always poor, the second one you should give to your friends and only the third one is yours.”

She paused from cutting the strawberries and smiled softly at me.  “Who taught you that?”

“My grandmother,” I smiled back.

“My Grammy always had silly sayings like that too…”

“So does this remind you of cooking with your grandmother?” I asked thoughtfully.

She left out a loud laugh and shook her head.  “No, definitely not.  My grandmother would never be cooking in just her underwear.”

I won’t lie.  Her innocence turned me on.  She didn’t always act like the most self-confident person when it came to things she had never been involved with before, but when it was something familiar, she made me think she could control the world with the flick of her hand.  Despite only being in my kitchen once before, she moved around it as if she had put it together herself.

“What are you searching for?” I inquired as she crouched down on the floor and opened one of the cabinets.  Once again her underwear peeked out from her pants, this time I found she had on a black, lacy thong.  Suddenly new thoughts began swirling in my head and nothing of them had to do with the food we were making.

“Your juice machine,” she said, reaching deep into the cabinet and pulling out the brand-new machine that had maybe been used once since I bought it.

I was still focusing on her lacy thong when I asked, “How do you know about that?”

I quickly forced myself to look at her face when she turned and smiled proudly, “I saw it when I was looking for the trays the other night.  Fresh juice is so much better than store bought.”  I took it from her hands and set it on the counter next to the sink and at that, she went to work.  I turned back around and took a few controlling breaths.  I wanted her in my bed, but it was a fact that it would have to be on Lana’s terms, not mine.  I am never known to be a patient man, but I had a distinct feeling, Lana was going to either turn me into one or make me crazy.  I was working on the 3rd blini when a glass of juice was placed in front of my face.  “Taste it,” she coaxed.

I looked over at her like I was hesitant, just to play her a little and then took the glass and sipped it, allowing the fresh pineapple and orange juice hit every taste-bud.  When I looked over at Lana, she was still standing next to me, smiling and looking up at me with her beautiful brown eyes, awaiting my thoughts.  “You are next barefoot countessa,” I growled before leaning down and kissing her easily on the lips.  “I am locking you up and never letting you out of my house,” I said, breaking the kiss.  The look in her eyes at that point told me she knew it could happen and that she wouldn’t be wholly against it either.

I sucked in a dramatic breath and held my fork just above the blini that was filled with strawberries and crème.  I added some powered sugar on top for a little decoration before setting the plates onto the big dinning room table.

“Are you ready to try it?” Alex, asked excitedly.

I looked up and nodded.

“Ready…set…go!” he prompted.  I cut it with my fork and took a bigger helping than I had realized.  Alex was watching intently and soon began laughing at me as tried to talk without much success.  It was a pancake, but from here on out, I would probably be making them this way every time.

“Amazing!” I gasped, finally swallowing the big bite.

“I think your whip crème makes it even better,” he mused after finishing his own taste-test.  “Thank you!”

“Thank me?  Shouldn’t it be the other way since this is your house?” I giggled.

“Nyet.  I probably wouldn’t have made this if you didn’t come over.  I don’t cook often.  Only time I eat a breakfast like this is when my parents are in town.”

“Oh.  You don’t use your cooking skills to impress the ladies?” I boldly asked, not quite sure why I even asked the question.

He laughed at this and shook his head.  “No, I just walk around in my underwear and they seem to be impressed just by that.”

This answer caused me to practically choke on my blini and I found myself thrown into a coughing spell.  Once I could catch my breath again I just sat there and glared at Alex, who was still laughing at my reaction.

“Little Lana, just admit it.  You are falling for me.”

I didn’t have the strength to deny that accusation.  He was completely right.  The Russian mafia leader showed me that he wasn’t all about driving fancy cars, dancing the nights away at expensive dance clubs and scoring hockey goals.  If he was, then he was doing a fine job at putting on a domestic show for me this morning.  I couldn’t imagine him doing all this just to get me into his bed, especially since there was most likely a line of women standing down the street just waiting for me to leave and take my place.

“You have no rebuttal?” he grinned cockily.

“Nyet,” I smiled shyly.

“But you are still scared of me…”

I nodded my head.  “Yeah.”

He nodded his head to and took another bite of his breakfast, chewing thoughtfully before speaking again.  “I admit I feel like everything we’ve done has been backwards to how I normally do things.  In fact, you are the first girl in a very long time to eat breakfast with me…”

“And even this is probably backwards,” I commented, knowing that if he did eat breakfast with a girl, it was probably after he they slept with him.  Of course this thought didn’t really sit well with me, once again reminding me that I could possibly become a part of a list that included many.

He looked down at his place and smiled, almost remorsefully.  “This is true…”  He popped the last bit of strawberry into his mouth.  Finished off his juice and got up from the table and took his dishes into the kitchen without saying one word.  Feeling a little strange sitting in the big dining room by myself, I quickly finished off my own plate and followed his path.

When I walked up and stood next to him to rinse off my dishes in the sink, a tension easily filled the small space between us.  His silence was deafening while he was just stood there, looking out the window.  I had just turned off the faucet when he turned and looked at me with the most serious look I had seen from him since we met.  “What exactly are your reservations about me?”

I was so shocked at his serious question that I didn’t know what else to say but, “Huh?”

He moved closer to me, effectively pinning me in the corner of the kitchen counters.  “Why do you keep fighting your attraction for me?”

I couldn’t help but laugh at this cocky-ass question.  “How have I fought it?  We have kissed a few times now, right?” I asked, suddenly feeling very vulnerable with him caging me and staring dangerously at me.  His eyes suddenly dark with lust and I didn’t dare let me eyes go anywhere below his nipple line.

“You didn’t come home with me last night…”

“And most girls with morals wouldn’t sleep with a guy on the first date,” I informed him smartly.

“So you say last night was a date for us?”

I bit my lip, knowing he was somehow going to use this for his cause.  “Yeah, I guess…”

“And what about this morning?” he raised an eyebrow at me.

I opened my mouth and scowled.  “I know what you are trying to do, Alex!” I cried, pointing accusingly at him.  “You want me to call this a date, which would be our second and you would use that as a good enough reason for us to be upstairs in that bed of yours!”

He didn’t even argue with my accusation.  Instead he pushed me farther into the corner by placing his warm, all-but naked length of his body against me.  I couldn’t even put up a fight.  His lips came down on mine and I was lost.  Possessively, he held me to him and drank from me.  I smiled inside when I tasted some left over powered sugar in his kiss.  I shivered when his large, rough hand slid up my neck threaded into my hair.  All the kissing and the close proximity of his body made my head spin.  It had been way too long since I had been physically involved with anyone.  And to add to it, Alex wasn’t just anyone.  He was obviously the Russian playboy of the modern era and I was quickly becoming his next victim.  Somehow, I got both of my hands on his chest and pushed him away for some air.

“Alex… I don’t know what you expect from me, but I promise, it most likely won’t be like any of the crazy things you might be accustomed to…”

He was breathing a little harder than normal and the look in his eyes was 90% lust and 10% humor.  “What constitutes as crazy, Little Lana?”

I looked at him and shrugged helplessly.

“We don’t have to use the sex swing the first time if you are not comfortable…” he said seriously, only to laugh hysterically after my eyes grew to the size of bowling balls.  He leaned in towards me again, reminding me that I was no match for his strength and that when I pushed him away a few moments prior, it was probably him just moving backwards on his own accord.  “Lana, I like you for you.  Yes, I might be all-for some crazier things, but right now I just want you and only you.”

“But why me?” I asked quietly.

He pulled back enough to put his nose against mine and tugged on my lip get me to stop biting it.  “You are nothing like the others.  You treat me like I want to be treated and not like some czar of the country.  You like me for me and not for everything else, no?”

I nodded my head and looked into his sparkling blue eyes.

“I trust you,” he said slowly.  “Please, trust me.  I am not playing you, Little Lana.”

I nodded my head again allowed a small smile to play at my lips.  His warm armed wrapped low around my waist and pulled me close against him again.  I took a breath and before I could exhale, we were kissing once again.

The only thing I could comprehend was the little voice in my head that said I wasn’t going to make it out of this house today without getting a personal and intimate tour of his bedroom.