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Chapter Thirteen

Alright... lots of props to give before I let you get to this chapter.
1st - to Antonia (our resident Russian!!) for her help in this chapter... she gave me the dirty Russian words that I feel are necessary when writing any sex scene that Ovie is in (not that I have ever written one before and never thought I would be writing one, but here we are. LOL)

2nd - to my bestie, K, for her always helpful editing and being my bounce-board throughout this story thus far. In a few chapters, she gracing us with her awesome dirty mind by guest writing...

3rd - fangirl1999... you've been an awesome help with all your crazy links. Danke!

Sorry it's been a little in between chapters... the story has taken a back seat to school and I allowed myself to write today since I passed my testing yesterday (I am now allowed to start IV's and push medications!! We're moving up in the world and quickly!!)

okay... enuff of my rambling... sex... with Ovie. Yeah. it was bound to happen. just look at the pretty pictures I have already posted on here and it will be alright.

Ch. 13

“Is this table sturdy enough?” Lana fretted as I set her naked ass onto the dining room table.  I’m fairly sure she was less worried about the durability of the table than she was by the fact that I was getting my way with her.  Part of me told me not to push it with her, but I am so used to getting my way that I couldn’t help myself.

“It’s Oak, Lana…” I chuckled before threading my fingers through her thick mane and pulling her head back so that I could kiss her beautiful neck.  I was situated between her American thighs, allowing her to easily wrap them around my waist and pull me into her.  No, she was not stick thin, but as I had suspected, she was beautifully toned.  Her body reminded me of my own; it was never designed to be stick thin. 

She moaned when I tugged harder on her hair and worked my way down to one of her breasts.  Her movements and noises, told me she hadn’t been touched in a while.  It was as if I was getting a virgin, but one who knew what to do.  She was submissive and was all for letting me do all the work, which was the way I wanted it.  I slid my hand down between her legs and ran my index finger up her silky, wet folds.  “Have you been this wet since you got here?” I chuckled into her neck, making her shiver.

“It doesn’t make it easy to keep even-keeled with you walking around me like that all morning,” she growled.

I smiled and kissed her hard before hitting my knees to bury my face between her thighs, drinking the sweetness from her.  She tasted as good as the breakfast we had made earlier.  I pulled back and growled, “Tvoya pizda vkus maliny…”  She had no clue I just said that her pussy tasted like raspberries, but like every other American woman I had been with, she seemed to be turned on even more when I spoke to her in my native tongue.  The sounds of her moans and mews echoed off my dining room walls.  This was all a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.  Lana put up a good fight, but I was finally getting my way.  Maybe it’s the fight that kept me going after her.  But like the rest of them, she has given in.

After she came the second time, her hands slipped down between my face and her mound and she was pleading for me to stop.  “Alex, I can’t handle any more of that right now,” she panted.

“Am I too good?” I asked, prompting her to tell me what I already knew.

“You’re fucking amazing…” she breathed.

I grinned to myself and handed her the foil wrapped condom.  Usually, I am more about foreplay, but this whole weekend had been foreplay and I wanted to be inside of her.

His kisses in the kitchen put me in autopilot.   I barely realized he was stripping me out of my clothing.  Even though my voice of reason was screaming to say that this was not what I should be doing right now with him, the warmth building in my stomach was reminding me it had been a long time since I had felt like this. 

Something in Alex’s voice when he asked me to trust him, told me that I could.  The look in his eyes was filled with a seriousness that I had only seen two times before.  Once was at dinner the other night and the next time was when he told me I looked beautiful last night as he picked me up at my house.  I was beginning to see that Brooks might have actually been onto something when we had talked last night at the club. 

Alex had gone over to talk with Abe and a couple other friends before we left the club.  I was sipping on my drink when Brooks came over and playfully bumped into me.

“Everything okay?” he asked sincerely.

I looked over and him and smiled thankfully.  “Yea, thank you.  It’s just…ugh…a lot to absorb I guess,” I admitted shamelessly.  There was something about Brooks’ personality that made me think he would have been just as happy having a mediocre paying job in a blue collar town.  He was the exact opposite of Alex and reminded me so much of myself; making it easy to be honest despite barely knowing him.

He nodded and chuckled.  “I can imagine…it takes some time to get used to it.”

“Do you actually get used to it?” I asked curiously.

He looked back out over the crowd, blew out some air and looked back over at me.  “It’s easy to get caught up in, but for me, no, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the attention or the super-star treatment.  Now Alex, he thrives in it.  I swear the man never sleeps.  I’m fairly sure he was born to be a rock-star, but considering the man can’t carry a tune to save his life, this was the next best thing.”

I laughed out loud at this.  “So I guess you’re saying that this is probably a lost cause?”

Brooks laughed too, but shook his head.  “No Lana.  I wouldn’t say that.  You two are opposites, but I’m fairly sure the saying has always gone, ‘Opposites attract,’ right?”  I nodded and he continued.  “Alex is a man of mysteries and a child at heart.  He needs a strong woman who will understand his craziness, yet be there for him when he needs to get away from it all.  He’ll be faithful and there for the woman he falls in love with.  Know this; he’s one of the most loyal men I know.  Take it for what it’s worth,” he spoke truthfully before taking a long sip of his beer and leaving me to my thoughts.

Now I found myself naked, sprawled out on Alex’s dinning room table, digging my fingers into Alex’s back while he slowly entered me.  I must have been making a face because Alex stopped about halfway.

“Tebe bolno?” he asked in a hoarse voice, his facial expression telling me that he was enjoying the feeling of being inside me.  My confused look must have reminded him that I had no clue what he saying because soon he repeated himself, but in English.  “Lana, am I hurting you?”

I slowly shook my head back and forth and willed myself to breath.  I just needed a moment for my body to stretch to accept his large thickness.  “Just go slow,” I answered.  “It’s been a while,” I admitted, hoping I didn’t sound overly pathetic.

“You feel incredible,” he growled into my ear, causing me to gasp as he also pushed completely into me.  He stayed bottomed out in me for a moment until I started to breathe again and then set a slow pace of languid strokes to my core.  He laid kisses all over my face and neck.  On occasion he’d bite my shoulder when I would lift my hips to meet his thrust, allowing him to hit my g-spot and causing me to cry out his name.

I was just reaching the peak when he suddenly pulled out and rolled me onto my side.  He positioned himself behind me, so that we were spooning and then he pulled my free leg up so that I was semi-straddling him, giving him free reign to enter me from behind.  I had never been one for outlandish positions, mainly because I had never been one to be very daring when it came to sex.  Not being overly confident in myself most of the time, led to a very vanilla sex life.  Hell, I was already out of my comfort zone by having sex in the middle of the day on the dinning room table.

Alex on the other hand was not allowing my confidence level to hinder this first time between us.  As soon as he entered me again, I was all for the experimentation.  I thought he was going to spear straight through me, but the pain was more than pleasurable.  With one arm draped across my waist, he easily fingered my clit. The other arm was under me, supporting my head.  I blacked out when he began whispering what I could only assume to be dirty Russian words.

Finally after letting the physical pleasure fully take me over, I came, hard and he was right with me.  I was still shaking while Alex, held me against him and cooed Russian and English words.  “Milaya…Little Lana…so beautiful…” he breathed, lightly running his hands up and down the full length of my body.  It was as if he knew every way to make me turn into a wonderful wreck.  Whether I wanted to be in this position or not, Alex Ovechkin was quickly making me his biggest fan.

Keeping with my not-so-typical day off, Lana and I ended up in my bed, wrapped up in blankets, watching a movie.  Later on in the evening we ordered a pizza and watched a hockey game.  Anyone who knew me would have thought I was ill or something.  Given any chance, I was normally out and about with my guys messing with the car or just getting ourselves in trouble.  It had turned into an overcast Sunday, so doing this didn’t seem so out of place.

“So does it hurt when you get slammed into the wall?” she cringed when she watched one of the guys get thrown into the boards.  We were actually watching a KHL game out of Russia, thanks to the wonderful power of satellite TV.

I chuckled and nodded.  “Sure.  And we don’t call it the wall, it is the boards.”

“Boards?” she furrowed her brow.


“Oh.  Well, either way it looks really painful sometimes,” she continued thoughtfully.  “If that would be me getting hit, I would not be getting back up.”

“Sometime it hard to get back up,” I admitted.  “In fact I have a bruise on my arm from a hit during the last night’s game,” I pointed out.  She gingerly touched it and then kissed it softly without saying a word.  Her innocence of the game turned me on.  There were very few women I had slept with that didn’t at least understand that hockey was a rough sport.  Lana was definitely clueless to it, which made it all the more of a tender gesture.  When she went to lean back, I captured her chin with my hand and tilted it upwards to kiss her lips.  She moaned and before I knew it, I was placing the pizza box on the floor beside the bed before trapping her underneath me once again.

After a whole day of making love and lazing around, I found myself feeling more tired than I did after spending it at the busy bakery.

“Why you not just stay here tonight?” Alex pouted playfully while holding me against him.  I was fully clothed while he was just in his underwear once again.  We were standing in the foyer and I cringed when I heard the clock chime 11.  My 4:30am alarm was going to be waking me up all too soon.

“Because I have a distinct feeling you won’t let me sleep…” I laughed easily.

“Sleep is over-rated,” Alex fluffed off before using his tried and true tactic of kissing me.

After moment, I pushed back from him and made some space between us.  “Thanks for breakfast, Alex,” I giggled.  “Oh, and for dinner…”

“What about the desserts?” Alex laughed.

I bit my lip and blushed.  He knew exactly what I thought of them…  “Good night Alex.”

“Good night, Little Lana.  I call you.”

I nodded, spun around and practically ran out the door before I could change my mind and spend the night.

When I got home, it was no surprise to find Faith and Becky pretending to watch a movie.  I walked into the living room to find them both sitting like zombies, staring at the TV in an attempt to not burst out in questions.

I played along by taking a seat on the recliner and nuzzling myself into it.  Maybe a minute of silence passed before Faith threw up her arms and squeaked.  “Oh come on Lana!  You can’t tell me you think you are going to get away with spilling the details of your day with Alex!!”

I laughed loudly at my roomies.  “A lady does not speak of such things,” I spoke in a proper English accent.

Both girls scowled before standing up to march towards me.  I began speaking when their fire blazing eyes got within a foot of me.

“We made the most delicious breakfast together!  I’ll have to make it for you guys, soon!” I exclaimed.

“And what else did you make?” Becky inquired with a raised eyebrow.


“You did it with him, didn’t you?!” they both squawked in unison.

All I could do was bite my lip.

“Was it good?” Becky dropped to the floor, sitting Indian style like it was story time.

I could feel myself blushing, but all I could do was keep biting my lip and nod my head.

Faith now dropped down along side with Becky and they both looked at me dreamily.  At that point, I lost it and laughed at both of them as I threw a pillow at them.  “I’m not telling you those details.”

“So much for not falling for him…” Faith smiled.

I sighed and dropped my head backwards into the chair.  “Do you think it was wrong?”

“Did it feel wrong?” Faith asked.

I paused a moment and shook my head.  “No,” I said sounding more sure than I felt.

“Well, then that’s all that matters,” Faith smiled reassuringly as she got up on her knees and hugged me. 

That night I laid in bed, wide awake still hearing his voice in my head and feeling his fingers on my skin.


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