Sunday, December 4, 2011

Chapter Sixteen

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And i know no one keeps you on guard
More than i do
but i don't have to tell you that
Better watch yourself, you know me well
Im on your trail and here i come

Tell your heart heads up

And i don't get it
I don't know what you want
Honey you better
Tell your heart heads up

Faith’s Snookie outfit was hilarious.  Carly came bouncing into the house like he owned the place and had The Situtation’s mannerisms down to a T.  Becky and I took pictures of them before shushing them out the door so that they could get to the party on time and we could get to our own plan for the evening. 

Once the coast was clear, Becky and I did a few shots of pre-game liquor and changed into our own Halloween Costumes.  One of the girls from her work was throwing a big party and Becky insisted I go along with her.  She also looked at it as an opportunity to get me out and meeting new people once more.  Of course she wouldn’t take no for an answer and after picking out my costume the other day; I was actually kind of excited for this party.  It was my own way of making fun of my short lived romance with Alex.

I was a Russian Dominatrix.

The costume gave me a feminine power-trip.  The tight leather get-up accented my curvy body and covered the areas that I usually felt most self-conscious about.  Walking in the thigh high black stiletto boots wasn’t going to be the easiest task for me. Add in the black half-mask that was impeding my vision, it was shaping up to be one hazardous night. But I was counting on my determination and newly found self-esteem boost to make it work.

My confidence wavered a bit when Becky turned onto an all familiar street.

“Becky?” I whispered.


“Why are we on the same street that Alex lives on?” I continued whispering, suddenly catching a glimpse of Carly’s car as we passed it.  It seemed the Team Halloween party was being held at Alex’s house.

“Trisha lives a few houses down from his house,” Becky announced happily.  When I didn’t say anything, she added, “We are going to have sooo much more fun!”

The smile on her face was convincing enough to make me smile and nod back in agreement.  Suddenly though, I was glad to have a few shots of Southern Comfort in my system. 

“Hey Faith!” I said happily, tugging playfully at her dark-haired Snookie wig.  John was fist pumping to every song that came across the speakers and sadly his Jersey accent was coming through loud and clear.  I was now sure he hid his Jersey tendencies when around us and tonight, he was just acting like himself.  Faith turned to look at me, but instead of a smile, she was glaring.  I decided not to ask her how Lana was; already knowing whatever answer she was going to give me was not going to be a good one.  “Have fun,” I smiled, quickly walking away before she could go psychotic chick on me.

After greeting everyone there, I walked into the kitchen and poured myself a shot of vodka.  My date, Maria and Abe’s girlfriend, Gretchen came dancing into the kitchen a few moments later.  Maria and I had been together on a few occasions.  She is actually a Russian tennis player.  Abe had introduced us about a year ago at another party and any time she was over here in the states to do some training, her off-time was spent with me. 

Maria was an easy diversion.  When I got home from the away trip, Abe already had her over at my place practically waiting for me.  He agreed that Lana was just something out of the ordinary for me and that I needed someone who was more my type.  Of course this didn’t stop me from having the urge to text or stop in and see Lana when I arrived home from the road trip.  I still found myself thinking about her at the most odd times.  One of those times was this morning when Maria made Blini for breakfast for the two of us.  For some reason, it didn’t taste as good as when Lana and I made it and it almost didn’t seem as fun when Maria spoke perfect Russian when reciting the recipe.   

Sometimes it was more serious than not between Maria and I, but tonight I was just looking forward to having some fun.  The way she licked her lips every time she looked at me, I figured tonight would be just one more check-mark in that box aside of her name.  She looked smoking hot in a tiny-American Indian costume, despite having bleach-blonde hair; she complimented my own costume nicely.  We were a sexy version of Cowboys and Indians.

“Alex, come dance with me, baby,” she purred in smooth Russian.

I allowed her to lead me out of the kitchen, hi-fived Mikee when he nodded his approval look and took in the sites as we walked.  Maria was already dancing up on me before we were even stopped.  Laughing, I began to move with her.  Everything was perfect until my DJ began playing some country music.  It was then I noticed the group in the middle of my make-shift dance floor.  They were all calling for Alzner to come over and join them in doing some silly line-dance.  He hastily brushed by me and immediately reached out to grab the hand of a girl I hadn’t noticed when I made my welcoming rounds.  She was in a Little Bo-Beep outfit and her arm was connected to another girl I had definitely not seen earlier.  Brooks’ arm was wrapped around her waist and he was having as much fun as the others.  By the primary looks of the girl he was holding onto, it was no surprise; she was smoking hot.

The black stiletto boots were thigh high.  The black leather dress looked like it had been painted onto her.  Her dark, thick hair was pulled back into a tight, sleek, bun.  Her lips were glossed in a deep cherry red and as soon as I heard her laughter, I realized why she looked so familiar.  She was not Brooks’ Spanish Senorita; instead she was my Russian Dominatrix.

SLAP!”  The crack of my leather twitch echoed down the street as I tested my skills on Becky.  Her scream lit up the night, causing a group of people also in costumes to look and then laugh as she rubbed her butt.  She was in a tiny Little Bo-Beep costume, so it was easy to crack her ass as she was bending in her car to grab her stuffed-sheep.

“Lana!” she cried.  “Really?!”

I was laughing too hard to make much sense.  “I couldn’t help myself,” I wheezed, taking a step forward and almost tumbling over from the curb I failed to see, due to my site-blocking mask.  “Shit!  This is going to be dangerous!” I reached out to the street sign to save myself, but I suddenly didn’t need it.  Instead, I was rendered safe by a warm, strong arm wrapping around my waist.

“Why do I always end up saving you from falling over?” a familiar voice chuckled.

“Why are you always late to parties?” I joked, slowly turning in his arms and every so slightly sliding my mask up so that I could see my savior.  It was Brooks.  He was dressed in a Zoro costume and without a doubt gave Antonio Banderas a run for his money as the sexiest Zoro I had ever seen.

“I’m fairly sure it’s because sexy men like him have every right to be fashionably late to everything,” Becky swooned un-ashamedly.  I lightly smacked her across the stomach with my twitch, but she was still drooling.

Brooks laughed out loud and just tipped his hat to my now hyperventilating friend.  “So did Alex finally invite you?” he turned back and asked me.

I shook my head no and Becky answered his question.  “No, we are actually heading to my friend Trisha’s house just right over there,” she pointed down the street.  “This was the only parking spot close enough for Little Miss Weeble-Wobble to actually have a chance to make it to the front door without skinning her knees too badly.”

“Thanks Becky,” I sighed as Brooks laughed, slowly unwinding his arm from me as if he was testing me, afraid that I wouldn’t be able to stand on my own.

“Besides, Alex doesn’t deserve to get a glimpse of her looking this hot,” Becky continued happily, slamming her car door shut.

“This is very true,” Brooks agreed, looking at me with satisfaction, sending a small shiver through me.  I’m positive that even the Dahli Lama himself would go weak in the knees when looking into those beautiful blue eyes.  “You both look good,” he nodded to Becky who just winked at him.  He paused a moment before piping up a question that would change all of our plans for the night.  “What if I asked you ladies to be my dates?  I didn’t ask anyone because of my girlfriend, but I hate going stag all the time…Are you expected to be there?” he inquired.

“I-I…I don’t think that would be a good idea…” I stuttered as quickly as I could, but Becky was a lot louder than me with her answer.

“I think that would be an awesome idea!” she squeaked, quickly shooting me a look to shut my mouth.  She shuffled over to Brooks’ one side, slid her arm through his and both stood there staring at me.  So much for Alex not deserving to get a glimpse of me!!

“There is no choice here, is there?” I sighed.

“You want a way to get back at Alex?” Brooks asked suddenly.  I shrugged and bit my lip.  “Well, you will get him back by just marching past him in that sexy-ass outfit.”

I left out a loud laugh and smacked him in the arm with the twitch before taking my place on his other arm.  I slid my mask down over my eyes, took a breath and put myself in character.  I had never been one to get revenge, but like I said before, this costume came with a sense of empowerment that I was suddenly left clinging to.

“Alex…?!” Maria called, but I wasn’t paying attention to her.  I was already on the move towards Lana who was spanking Nicky with her leather twitch.  Faith was the first to notice me.  She attempted to get Lana’s attention but it was too late, I was already tapping Lana on the shoulder.

She turned, bit her lip and finally looked up at me.  “Alex.”

“I didn’t invite you,” I said stupidly.

“No, but I did,” Brooks interjected, making his presence known by sending me a look of fair warning.

Everyone just stood still for a moment before Lana said, “I can go…”

“No, don’t…” I began, but I couldn’t finish because Maria came over at this point and began dancing up on me again.

“Dance with me, cowboy!” she whined.

It didn’t even take a second for Lana to bolt away with a disgusted look on her face.  The same look I had seen the morning I dropped Dawn off at her house.

That sudden sense of empowerment and confidence completely flew out the door the instant his “date” came over and began riding him like the cowboy he was.  The bile rose in the back of my throat and despite being unstable in my boots all night, I was now able to move faster than ever to get out of that room.

It was all a bad idea.  I should have never worn the costume, should have never allowed Brooks and Becky to talk me into coming to the party, and I should have never allowed myself to get involved with Alex.  It was all a huge mistake.

At first I wanted to laugh when I turned to find Alex in a cowboy get-up.  How ironic.  We were playing each other but it didn’t matter, he had already found himself somebody new.  I quickly made it through the group of people and opened the door I had thought was the bathroom, only to find it was the steps that led to Alex’s basement.  At that point, it didn’t really bother me where it led; I just needed to get away from him.

I ripped off my silly mask before carefully maneuvering myself down the dark stairs.  I searched the wall for a light-switch, but instead a found another door that I opened and closed behind me.  The cool air of his garage was exactly what I needed at the moment.

Everything happened in a blur.  Lana was gone in the blink of an eye.  Faith and Becky were suddenly arguing with Maria, Brooks was cursing at me and I was just trying to figure out which door Lana walked through.  I threw up my hands and pushed my way through the crowd of people.  Some were still dancing and having a good time, others were curiously watching the drama continuing to unfold.  I didn’t really care about either things at the moment.  All I wanted to know was where Lana went.

I looked over at Abe who just nodded to the basement door.  The silent communication went unnoticed and a moment later I was quietly moving down the steps, afraid that I might scare her out the door before I could get to her.  If I believed everything I had said to myself and to Sasha over the last week, there should have been no reason to follow her down here.  If I thought I could just forget her and walk away, then it shouldn’t have mattered what she was dressed in tonight and it shouldn’t have mattered that Brooks brought her as his date.  Unfortunately, all the neurons in my brain were saying otherwise.

Once I got to the bottom of the steps, I flipped on the light, half expecting to find her curled up on one of my leather recliners in the game room.  But instead, I found nothing.  I took a couple peeks around the room and then glanced over at the door that led out to the garage.  I walked over and slowly opened the door.  The light from the game room shone out into the cold room that housed my most prized possession at the moment, the Batmobile.  When I opened the door all the way, the light revealed not only my car, but also the sexy silhouette of Lana, leaning on the hood of the car.  It was that moment I realized the true reason I came down here to find her.

I was sitting on the hood of his prized car, my left boot resting on the front bumper as my right boot was planted firmly on the painted cement floor, supporting my weight.  Both of my hands were flat on the hood, supporting the upper half of me as I sat there trying to gain some sort of composure.

I knew he would be down to look for me.  Can’t say I was totally surprised that it only took him a few minutes to find me, but it was his reaction that I threw me off guard.

“I’ve been bad, Mistress Lana,” his echoed in the cinder-block and metal room.  “But I need you to show me how bad I’ve really been,” he continued, shutting the door behind him and slowly taking steps towards me.

I stayed frozen.  A million thoughts were rolling through my head.  My eyes had to once again adjust to the darkened room and I jumped just slightly when I felt his large, warm hand touch my bent, left leg.  He slowly pushed it up the outside of my thigh and began a path towards the inside of it until I stopped him with the smack of my hand.

“You have no right,” I hissed.  “Get your dirty hands off of me,” I continued through my teeth.  I meant the words, but the warm sensation flowing through me, told a completely different story.  I wanted his hands all over me.

Before I could even debate what to do next, Alex was all over me.  His hand forcefully pushed up the inside of my thigh and headed to home as he pressed his body in between my legs.  His other hand grabbed for my tightly wound hair, roughly pulling at it to expose my neck.  My breath became stuck in my throat when his lips came in contact with it.  My hope of getting out of here alive was quickly fading.  “Mistress Lana, punish me,” he said in a thick accent, the same thickened accent that told me the blood was not allowing him to focus on his English because it was pooling in his other head.

I almost didn’t get my words out.  His fingers were pushing firmly on my engorged clit, almost blocking out any sense of direction I had left.  “I already told you,” I hissed again, but this time I used my boot to fully get his attention, pushing my foot firmly into his crotch, “Get your dirty hands off of me.”

He immediately took a step back and put his hands in the air.  My eyes were finally adjusting to the darkened room, and I could only smile when I saw the look of surprise and lust on his face.  Two were going to play at this game.  This was all going to be on my terms.  I knew that once this was over I was probably going to regret it, but I also knew I was going to remember this night for a long time.  A smile curled up my lips.  I took a deep mental breath and stomped my left foot down onto the ground.

“Lock the door,” I commanded, sounding more sure than I was feeling.  When Alex turned, I grabbed my twitch and left it smack across his jean clad ass.  The sound echoed loudly in the garage and all I could do was let my head tip backwards as I laughed.


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