Friday, December 23, 2011

Chapter Twenty-One

Adult Content. And no, I'm not sorry for it. LOL

Ch. 21

Her lips felt so warm and soft.  Most of all they felt familiar…comfortable.  I can’t say I’m surprised that she kissed me back, but I also can’t say that it didn’t make me happier than I had felt in over the last month and a half.

“Little Lana, mmm, I have missed you so much,” I murmured into her ear.  I had pulled her to the edge of the counter and she was now hugging me tightly, resting her head on my shoulder.

“I’ve missed you too,” she said in a barely audible whisper.

I began lightly running my fingers through her hair and she left out a sigh.

“If you keep doing that, I’m going to fall asleep on your shoulder…”

“Then please, just stay here tonight.  We are going to get a tree tomorrow and I want you to be here for that so you can help decorate and what not,” I said gently.

“I can come back in the morning,” she yawned.

Instead of arguing, I just scooped her up and began carrying her through the house.

“Alex…” she whined.

“Ssh, you don’t want to wake my parents,” I whispered, biting back a laugh.

“This is not the way to get back in my good graces,” she grumbled, but still not picking her head up off my shoulder, so I knew she wasn’t overly angry.

“How so?  I’m just making sure you are safe.  You are too tired to be driving home and I’m sure you had one or two many glasses of wine tonight,” I played.

“I think it was that shot of Vodka before dinner that already had me,” she sighed.

I chuckled at this, kissed her hair and placed her on my bed.  “You are a light-weight.”

“I’m not Russian.”

“This is truth you speak,” I smiled.

“Do you have a t-shirt or something that I can sleep in at least?” she yawned again.  She already looked like she was asleep as she snuggled into the pillow.

I nodded, walked into my closet and pulled out a hockey jersey.  It would be the most oversized thing I owned and perfect for her to snuggle in.  Plus, a girl in just a hockey jersey was just fucking hot.  When I walked back into the room her eyes were closed and I was certain she was sleeping.  I stopped and just looked at her.  She looked peaceful and perfect.  The best part being, it was obvious she belonged right there.

“Stop staring at me, Alex,” she whispered.

“But it has been a while since I have seen you,” I chuckled, scolding myself for being caught.

“It’s your own fault,” she chided.

Alex stood there for another moment before he spoke again.  “Sasha say since day one that I have a thing for you…”

I nodded, but didn’t say anything, willing him to keep going, he looked like he wanted to talk.

“I of course did not want to believe him, but after you said those things after we fucked,” he paused and wiggled his eyes at me, despite the fact that he probably saw me flinch when he used such a harsh word to explain what we did that night, even if it was the right word to use, “It made me think some more.  Of course it took me awhile to realize it all, but I am starting to see that he was right.”

“He was right about what?”

“That you don’t need to be Russian.”

“Is that what it all comes down to?!” I asked incredulously.  “If I was Russian, we wouldn’t have gone through all this?!”

“Maybe this is true,” he said slowly.

“I should slap you right now,” I sighed, throwing my arms up over my face, debating on if I should just walk out right now.

“I liked it when you did…” Alex winked.

“Then if that is the case, I will be leaving now,” I grumbled, making a move to get up off the bed and head home like I had originally planned.

“But I like that too,” he growled, immediately thwarting my attempting by quickly moving onto the bed and pushing me back down into it.  I began to squirm, but my strength was no match to his, especially when he began kissing me again and nuzzling his face into my neck.  Suddenly the playful Alex I had remembered was coming to life once more.

“Is there anything you don’t like?” I squeaked, trying to push him away, but not with too much effort because he was warm and smelled so good.

“Not when it comes to you,” He admitted.  “This is the whole problem.”

“Oh, so now it’s a problem that you like me?!” I scoffed right before he began tickling me mercilessly.

He only stopped when he had me completely pinned underneath him.  When I finally stopped squirming and putting up a fight he whispered into my ear, “Little Lana, I need you to love me tonight.”

I turned my head and looked into his crystal blue eyes.  “I just need one promise from you,” I said quietly.

“What is that?”

“If you decide that ya want out, have the respect to tell me and not just leave me hanging,” I said honestly.

Alex leaned back in and kissed me gently on the lips once more.  “I knew you wouldn’t give up on me,” he whispered.

This was probably the dumbest thing I could do.  There was no reason for me to be in his bed tonight and no reason to allow him to keep having his way with me except for the simple fact that he always got his own way when it came to the sexual aspect of our relationship.

His hands were all over me and as soon as he began whispering in Russian to me, I knew all bets were off.

“Milaya…” he whispered over and over again, trailing kisses down my neck.  I gave him a playful frown at the last minute before he pulled my sweater dress up and over my head.  He just laughed as he threw it onto the floor and turned back to lay more kisses on my now uncovered skin.  Suddenly I didn’t feel as tired as I just did a few moments ago.  My body came alive at his touch and the dragging of his gold necklace initiating a familiar ache between my legs and in my thoughts.

Alex’s calloused fingers, lightly tracing my lace covered breasts made me cry out and arch my back.  I felt him laugh but he continued his torture for another second before just taking both of my breasts in his hands and firmly squeezing them as he drew his tongue up between my cleavage.  “Mmmmm,” I moaned, pushing my head back into the pillow and drawing my knees up while a toe-curling shiver ran through the length of my body.  “Is this a Russian thing?” I asked, my voice cracking because I could barely form the words with my lips.

“What?” he breathed into my neck before latching onto it, making me shiver once more.  This time, I dug my fingers into his back.

“This melting thing…you know the way you seem to know what to do with my body to make me feel like it’s the best thing every time you touch meeeee…” I drew out when I felt his one hand slid between my legs and up to my cleft.

He let out an evil laugh and shrugged.  “You make this all too easy.”

“I’m not easy,” I growled, slamming my legs back together to get my point across, but the problem was his hand was still between them, completely ruining my attempt to keep him out.  I left out a blissful hiss when his` finger slipped underneath my panties and in between my folds.  “Okaaaayyy…” I moaned, relaxing once more so that he could continue his work.

“Don’t worry Lana,” he spoke, watching my facial reaction.  “I only meant you are easy to please.”

“Suuurrrreee,” I rolled my eyes and laughed until he hit another spot of true elation with his fingers.

“Just relax,” he purred into my ear, sliding another finger inside of me.  “I like doing all the work.”

A drunken smile tugged at my lips and I soon gave in, allowing him take full control.  In a matter of moments, the first orgasm was rolling over me.  His mouth and tongue brought me to my second one.

It was true.  She was all too easy to please and I reveled in the control I had over her.  Maybe I wouldn’t always be able to have my way in our relationship, but I already knew this was the one thing that I would have control of.  Otherwise, I was resigned to the fact that I wasn’t always going to get my way when it came to our relationship and for once I was okay with that.  If what she was asking for was respect, then she would get it.  If it meant I would be able to have her like this every night, then I was willing to be the man she expected me to be.  I’m not quite sure when that thought process changed, but then I’m not quite sure why half of the things in my life had changed thus far.  Suddenly everything was upside-down in my life and the only thing that seemed to make sense was Lana.

“Alex?” Lana asked in a worried tone that brought me back to the present.  “What’s wrong?” My head was lying on her stomach.  I had just devoured her sweet pussy and was giving her time to come down from the last orgasm before I entered her and made her mine once again.

I looked up at her.  Her brow was furrowed and her chocolate eyes shown with raw worry.  I shook my head and smiled as I crawled up and covered her body with mine.  “I just got lost for a moment,” I said quietly before kissing her firmly.  She seemed a little surprised, but soon her fingers were threaded in my hair and she was kissing me.  A moment later she pulled me back and looked into my eyes before just closing her eyes smiled. 

No more words were said.  Instead the physicality took over once more and in a few moments I was pushing inside of her.

He looked like he was far away in another land as he lost himself in his thoughts.  If you would have asked me in Alex was an emotional person after the first couple times in meeting him, I’m not quite sure I could have agreed.  However, the look in his eyes tonight and the sound in his voice when he said he needed me to love him tonight put a whole different spin on things.  This was the beginning of another level.

I left out a quiet cry as he entered me.  I hadn’t slept with anyone since our romp in the garage, and despite being dripping wet, his thickness still took my breath.  Alex kissed me deeply while he slowly pushed fully into me and held himself there for a moment before setting a slow but languid pace.  It might have been the most vanilla sex we had have, but neither of us were complaining because it was nice just taking our time and feeling every jolt of electric current passing through us.

“Amazing, you feel so amazing,” he kept repeating into my ear and skin.  The longer we went, the more Russian he kept mixing in and the closer I came to have my third orgasm of the night.  I wrapped my thigh-high tight-clad legs around his muscular ass and pulled him deeper into me while holding on for dear life.  As much as I wanted to cry out loudly, I muffled my cries in his shoulder that was tensed for his own release that came soon after mine.

Alex collapsed on top of me and we stayed joined together for a while longer, just holding each other.  Suddenly my sleepiness returned and a yawn escaped my lips.

“Sleepy?” Alex mused with a cocky smile.  I smiled back and nodded my head.  “So will you stay here with me tonight?” he asked.

I playfully ruffled his hair and attempted to push him off of me, but he kept his weight on me for just a moment longer and kissed me softly on the lips.

Somehow I was certain this was the way things were meant to be all along.


  1. loved this. glad to know that he realized how he really feels and is willing to show her and tell her. hope it stays that way and can't wait for more

  2. Yay! An update! I have to say this story is HOT!! I love it! These two are meant for each other, they are perfect! I loved the whole jumping from one POV to the other, while keeping the same moment! You are a very talented writer! I hope you update soon and keep us going for a little while longer with these two! Maybe I'm an half-full glass kind of girl but I think I see a white dress in Lana's future :)
    Until next time!

  3. Awww!!!! I loved it! I hope Alex doesn't mess up this time

  4. Please update again really soon. I can't wait to see where this story goes. I hope that Anonymous is right about that white dress in the future and maybe even a few little ones. Even if you don't take the story that far, maybe in an epilogue you can show years in the future.